Morning Glory Ride 2008

On Sunday, August 3rd the 27th Morning Glory Ride will take place with starts at 4:30am and 5:30am. This morning bike ride starts at Sawyer Point and is a 25-mile ride if you do the “classic” ride.

At the end of the ride, back at Sawyer Point, there will be a catered Sunrise Breakfast awaiting you (only if you register online by midnight 8/1). You can also register on Saturday from Noon-4pm at Sawyer Point…or if you’re a real procrastinator you can register the day of the ride at Sawyer Point between 3am-5am.

There are some registration costs, but it is definitely worth its weight in gold. This year will even have a portion of the ride blocked off to traffic along Columbia Parkway. The ride offers the scenic ride along Columbia Parkway, takes you through Eden Park, through portions of Downtown, across the Ohio River, into Nky, up into Devou Park, and eventually back to Sawyer Point.

The ride is part of a growing trend of these rides across the nation (especially the car-free portion). Dan Korman, owner of Park + Vine (which is also a sponsor of this year’s event), suggests that the ride should become a weekly Sunday morning event. He also points to Chicago’s ride as something that Cincinnati’s ride should/could become.

View a map of the full course (Nky and all) here!!!

View a full listing of the street closures here (156kb PDF)

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South Florida wanderings

As some of you might know I haven’t been around Cincinnati lately. I’ve been on the road, on business, for about a month now. My travels took me all across Florida and gave me the opportunity to photograph some new (to me) places. I even got to see a couple alligators (sorry no pictures). So please sit back, relax and enjoy some of my favorite photos from my journeys across South Florida.

If you would like you can browse all of the photos from each one of my Florida stops. Photos are from the following cities: Miami (Downtown, Miami Beach), Naples, Tampa (Downtown, Ybor City), and St. Petersburg.

Be a part of a film shoot on Fountain Square

Still waiting on your 5 minutes of fame? Wait no longer…you’ve got a great opportunity to be a part of a film shoot Wednesday (7/30) on Fountain Square. Foxalpha Films/J8DED Pictures will be shooting a “very long scene on the Square.”

3CDC reports that this is going to be a part of a pilot for a nation-wide television program. The shoot will be taking place from 6pm-11pm* on Fountain Square, but it is encouraged that you get there at 5pm to sign in if you would like to be a part of the filming. 3CDC also reports that the Cincinnati Police, businesses around the Square, and the local media will all be participating.

If you like news like this and would like to receive weekly newsletters about what’s happening on Fountain Square simply email Kelly Leon at and asked to be placed on their weekly newsletter distribution list.

*Vine Street (between 5th & 6th) will be closed down during this time as a result.

What is a city to you? (part two)

In the first part of What is a city to you? we covered the basics and overall what is thought of when we hear the word city. In that breakdown one of the items I mentioned is that cities are places of diversity. So what exactly does that mean, diversity?

Well for one thing it goes far beyond race. Diversity in cities means diversity of streetscapes, architectural styles, building heights, activities, and most importantly people. The built environment elements are fairly easy to understand and grasp. Different building heights, architectural styles, and streetscapes all help make a place interesting and unique — exactly what a city should be.

Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine – Photo by Randy Simes

People are the most interesting part of this equation…as their variations are limitless. It is important to have the greatest diversity of people as possible. Diversity of backgrounds, races, creeds, wealth/stature, age, and gender. The greater the variety of types of people creates a greater variety of events and encounters that might occur within a city.

No matter how great the buildings, public spaces, and venues it means nothing without the people. People are what make cities great. They make cities exciting, interesting, unique, enlightening, lively, edgy, thought provoking, and at times places of crime. But whether good or bad, these feelings are caused by the people who created the environment…and it is in cities where you get the most varied and sporadic of these feelings. What could be better than the diversity of feeling and emotion?