The Uptown Consortium has been developing a wayfinding system for the Uptown area. This will be a significant improvement upon the current dated signage that you see scattered haphazardly throughout the area now.

The signage also seems to blend design concepts from other streetscaping elements seen throughout the City (primarily Downtown). The consortium describes the project as, “an implementation of a bold and unified Uptown wayfinding and streetscape design for pedestrians and motorists.” They go on to say that this includes the development of a, “comprehensive, user-friendly Uptown map to locate key Uptown businesses, neighborhoods and institutions.”

Hopefully this signage will be customizable and/or complimentary to signage that will need to be developed, for the Cincinnati Streetcar, when it comes to the Uptown area in the near future. I love wayfinding systems, but the last thing we need is redundant systems cluttering the sidewalks.