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What can UC’s School of Planning do to improve its graduates’ AICP exam pass...

UC's School of Planning continues to see its graduates struggle with passing the AICP exam. The school's director, Dr. Danilo Palazzo, says it's "unacceptable" and says they're working to right the ship.

Episode #32: Spring Update

On this week's podcast we discuss the launch of Lyft and Uber in Cincinnati, proposed renovation of Burnet Woods and several other Uptown developments, and the latest developments surrounding the Brent Spence Bridge project.

Celebrating a Great 2013 While Looking Ahead to Our Eighth Year

Another year has come and gone, and I wanted to take this opportunity to recap some of the highlights from 2013 while also looking to the future.

Episode #23: Cincinnati’s Transportation History

We're joined by Jeffrey Jakucyk to discuss the history of several of Cincinnati's transportation systems, from interurban railways to interstate highways. We also discuss the future of I-75 and several proposals for intercity and commuter rail in the region.