EDITORIAL: Cincinnati Leaders Should Rethink Planned Rail, Trail Systems

City and regional leaders should maintain the natural beauty of the Ohio River and turn the Oasis Line into an attractive recreational trail that can connect into existing trail networks to the east, and the Wasson Line should be preserved for light rail use in the future.

VIDEO: Why Suburban Development is a Giant Ponzi Scheme

Charles Marohn of Strong Towns tours the country speaking about the financial viability of communities, and he often generates passionate discussion when he refers to suburban development patterns as a Ponzi scheme.

EDITORIAL: Eight-Point Plan for Fixing Cincinnati’s Broken Parking System

Since 2010, UrbanCincy has been calling for reforms to fix Cincinnati's parking system finances. Considering all the recent changes, we lay out an 8 point plan to upgrade the system and stabilize its finances.

Portland Aims to Replicate Streetcar Success on East Side of Willamette River

Portland celebrated the opening of its $148.3M East Side Loop streetcar extension six months ago. City leaders hope to continue the success story that has been told in the South Waterfront, Pearl District and Northwest District, but is it possible?

The Triumph of Downtown Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati is not what it was 10 or 20 years ago, and in a good way. There are more businesses, higher hotel occupancy rates, lower crime, more residents, improved schools, and new economic development happening all over.