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University of Cincinnati Hosting Film Series on Urban Social Issues at Esquire Theatre

The University of Cincinnati’s School of Planning is co-hosting a film series this month with the Center for Film & Media Studies at the Esquire Theatre in Clifton.

Over-the-Rhine Exhibit Offers Place-Based Look At Neighborhood’s Past

Internet forums often serve as a popular location for people to share historical photos of the cities they love, but a new project from a People's Liberty grantee is bringing that historical looking glass to the streets of OTR.

Neighborhood Group Attempting To Establish Museum Focused on Over-the-Rhine

Over-the-Rhine has a rich history - one that goes far beyond the German heritage for which it has received significant attention - and a group of residents is trying to start-up a new museum to pay respects to that legacy.

With many cities no longer interested in hosting mega events, what’s the future for...

With many cities no longer interested in hosting mega events, what's the future for the Olympics and World Cup?. Cincinnati make an unlikely bid for...

Jake Robinson on His Hometown and Its Rapidly Changing Center City

Cincinnati native Jake Robinson was back in town to promote his new NBC television series, American Odyssey, this past week. UrbanCincy caught up with him to get his take on his hometown and all of its changes.