Episode #65: The Cardinal

Amtrak TrainOn the 65th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, TravisRandy, and John are joined by Charlie Monte Verde of Amtrak.

We discuss the Cardinal Conference that was held in late September and the possibility of upgrading the Cardinal — Cincinnati’s sole intercity passenger train — to daily service.

We also discuss why Amtrak’s overall ridership is continuing to rise year over year, and what it would take for additional Amtrak routes to be added to Cincinnati’s Union Terminal.

  • Paul Grether

    I know that the Cardinal is not that convenient between Chicago and Cincinnati, but I have used it several times from New York City and Washington DC to Cincinnati which is not a bad connection. It does not arrive as late per the schedule in that direction and the speed is faster since the train is not dealing with slow track and routing through Indiana and Chicago. Much better than a bus and much cheaper than flying. If I go to NYC or DC for business or pleasure oftentimes I will fly there and then take the Cardinal (Amtrak train #51) back to Cincinnati. It is a offers pretty views and it allows some time to get work done and decompress.

  • nam