Episode #54: Summer Update

On the 54th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Randy Simes, Jake Mecklenborg, and Chris Cousins join Travis for a summer update. We discuss the proposed parks levy, whether GE might relocate its headquarters to Cincinnati, the expansion of Red Bike, and new developments in the CBD.

  • Mark Christol

    People use the bike path near Northside but it stops at Winton to the north & heading south – it’s crazy to think you’d have to cross Spring Grove & then cross again to get back on the trail.

    It’s a nice idea to spruce up the parks but you still have to pay to use a park – that is, like a festival or something. Investing in Wesleyan cemetery should be a priority.

    A Force & Wraith tower would be cool.

  • Charlie Hinkley

    I am totally in love with what the city has done with the new riverfront park. I was there just today for lunch and saw lots of young families sitting in the grass having picnics. The comment about Sawyer Point / Bicentennial not being used that much is sort of valid. I would say that the two park (Smale and S-B) attract very different groups of people. Smale seems much more oriented toward those young families. There’s lots for children to do and the parents can just sit around and chat. S-B, however, seems more geared towards grown-up activities. I work at the foot of the L&N bridge, and walk through the park every day at lunch. There are lots of runners and business people there at that time. There are some families, but not many. The older parks are especially nice for runners because of how long and shaded they are.

    Obviously there is cross-over between the old and new parks, but I see them fulfilling different functions. That’s a good thing, because “going to the park” obviously means different things to different people, and being able to fulfill those needs is something a good city does.