Episode #53: Owner-Occupied OTR

On June 6, the Over-the-Rhine Foundation hosted a workshop called Owner Occupied OTR, sharing four stories of building renovations taking place in the neighborhood. A number of issues were covered, from financing to historic district regulations to LEED certification. On today’s podcast, we bring you our recording of this workshop.

The following PowerPoint presentations are available for download if you’d like to follow along with the speakers:


  • Charlie Hinkley

    Very interesting discussion. I wish they would have talked about a time frame for paying back the bank and making money on the rehabs. 5 years? 10? 20?

  • While repaying loans is important, the primary motivation of most of these people is to actually live in the neighborhood and enjoy a high quality of life in a like-minded community. Most of these building and renovation projects come in at about the same price as a McMansion in the distant suburbs. My understanding of the situation is that the McMansions start out nice and gradually lose value, while inner city areas start out bad and keep getting better. Time will tell which is the better “investment.”