Episode #47: Northside

The UrbanCincy PodcastOn the 47th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Jake, John, and Travis are joined by James Heller-Jackson to discuss the neighborhood of Northside.

We discuss the neighborhood’s thriving arts and music scene, events such as the annual Rock N’ Roll Carnival in Hoffner Park, and the neighborhood’s many successful small businesses. We mention a number of new developments that have changed the neighborhood in recent years, including the American Can Factory, and others that will be coming soon, such as The Gantry, a collection of new townhomes, and the Urban Artifact brewery and performance space. We speculate about the possibility of Northside gaining improved Metro bus service and Red Bike stations. And finally, we talk about the Apple Street Market that aims to bring a grocery store back to this walkable neighborhood.

  • Aaron Watkins

    Apple street market is nice but we need a 24hour market that carries healthier options than udf.

  • Mark Christol

    A couple thots…

    Spring Grove Ave. near Northside & beyond was originally called Wayne’s Trace.

    Taco Bell/KFC was a fast food shell in the 80s. It had been an Arrhur Treacher’s & a Tico Taco before that.

    The triangle that is supposed to be a skateboard park was neighborhood just like what abuts it now. A lot of people were displaced. ODOT is an arrogant mofackey (look at route 68 & Cedar Bog).

    Riding a bike down Ludlow from Clifton through Knowlton’s corner is a blast if you get all the lights.

    You guys just hate cemeteries. There’s no hope.

    Northside Tavern / Picnic & Pantry had a semi trailer in the courtyard prior to it’s current configuration. It had been there so long they had to cut it up because it was too rusted to pull out. That’s how crappy the business district became.

    World Cup Sports bar is supposed to be coming in on Hamilton with many TV screens. Hopefully they will stream Cincinnati Roller Derby.

    Circus in S Cumminsville was at the S end of Roll Avenue. It became a ball field but now it’s a parking lot for semi trailers.

    Hoffner Park, by Jacob Hoffner’s stipulation, was supposed to be a playground for children.

    The 4th of July carnival was dead before the Rock-n-Roll infusion. It was really pathetic in the 80s & 90s.

    Northside was the 2nd most violent neighborhood (behind Price Hill) in Cincinnati in 1970.

    Mad Anthony Wayne tree died of Dutch Elm I believe. There’s some kind of memorial in the Cumminsville Library. I think there might be a cross section.

    Kroger/Sav-a-Lot was an IGA for years.

    Kenard Ave., in Spring Grove Village, has a lot of potential with it’s location.

    Dunno if the people west of Kirby in the new houses are very connected with the main community or if they use the Hamilton Ave. businesses. Maybe there’s some opportunity for that little business area around Frederick & Kirby / Virginia.

    A lot of the business district was built in the 1930s.

  • Those two lions are in front of McMicken Hall, two buildings over from the law school.

    • James Heller-Jackson

      Thanks, Mr. Bob, I realized that I’d erred a couple of days later when I spoke to a group of journalism students at McMicken and they roared at me.

    • No worries James! An easy mistake when you’re under the pressure of an interview.