Episode #36: Summer Update

Uptown Transit DistrictOn the 36th episode of The UrbanCincy PodcastJohn and Jake join Travis for an update on several projects happening around Cincinnati.

The main focus is transportation, with discussion of the Brent Spence Bridge and other I-75 work, the new MLK Interchange at I-71, Central Parkway bike lanes, the Uptown Transit District and various Uptown shuttle buses, as well as an update on the streetcar construction progress.

We also discuss the Uptown Consortium’s vision for new pedestrian-friendly development along Martin Luther King Drive, and revisit the conversation about the possibility of a downtown grocery store.

  • Mark Christol

    Scrolling through the microfiche at the library is wicked fun.

  • Rob T

    As a UC student I can say our shuttle system has improved over the past few years. UC’s Bearcat Transportation System still has a daytime route and nighttime system. The daytime routing mainly serving residential areas and to go back and forth between East and West campus; the nighttime route serves the residential areas (with far less frequency and farther walks to nighttime stops), but also runs places such as Mt. Adams, the banks, Newport, etc. It has gotten less confusing with shuttle stops being identified with signage (think Metro route signs) and label both daytime/nighttime route info.