Episode #25: Summer Update

Overview of Building Exterior

On the 25th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, the UrbanCincy team gets together for an update on the site and several issues affecting the city. We discuss Randy Simes’ proposal for governmental consolidation in Hamilton County; the Dunnhumby Centre and other new architecture in Cincinnati; parking deregulation in the urban core; and transit projects including the new Metro*Plus “pre-BRT” service and the construction of the Cincinnati Streetcar.

  • zschmiez

    Re: Cranes at DH site;

    I believe they are staggered mostly to account for Millenium; one Crane has to clear the height of the lower roof, the other does not, and is situated further east.

  • Mark Christol

    Per Jake’s comment about an express route from Knowlton’s Corner to Downtown – There were 3 rush hour #17 bus routes. 1 normal, 1 that went down Central Parkway & 1 that took I-75. The express routes split from the regular route at Knowlton’s Corner & Cinti State.
    People were constantly getting on the wrong bus. I took the I-75 bus by mistake one morning & woke up on the highway. Thought I was dreaming… The most exciting moment was when a pregnant girl going into labor got the wrong bus & found herself on Central Parkway instead of on Clifton.
    That being said, the Central Parkway line was usually about 2/3 full & the few times I took the I-75 bus (not always by mistake), it was full.
    I don’t know why the express routes were cancelled other than maybe complaints from people catching the wrong bus.
    And, yes, the number of people who pay full fare to ride from one stop to the next is crazy.
    And then there was the goofball who paid to take his bike on the bus going down Ludlow from Clifton to Northside. You take the bus UP the hill…

    • One advantage of Metro*Plus is that the buses actually look very different. So people are less likely to get confused and get on the wrong bus. You could run a Metro*Plus “17 Express” that would use Central Parkway inbound between Northside and OTR. I also wish they would use a numbering system that quickly identifies the Metro*Plus routes, such as “917” for the one paralleling the 17.

    • Neil Clingerman

      ^-Weirdly enough that is just like how things are done in LA.

    • I never understood why there are so many 17 routes. Just give the routes different numbers and people won’t get confused.

  • M Vu

    A comment on the topic of developments in Cincinnati, specifically The Banks, U-square and the one in Northside, it may be that they all look similar is because they were all designed by the same architecture firm.