Episode #11: Urban Politics

On the eleventh episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Terry Grundy joins the UrbanCincy team to discuss urban politics, both in terms of the current election season and larger issues facing America’s cities.

We discuss the pros and cons Cincinnati’s Issue 4 and how big of an effect it would actually have on city politics. We also discuss some of the historical changes to the offices of the mayor and city council in Cincinnati.

Additionally, we talk about Issue 2 and how redistricting affects cities. Terry explains why political parties have taken different positions on cities, and why urban issues didn’t come up in this year’s presidential debates.

Finally, we discuss how other political issues, such as gun control and improving public schools, influence (or are influenced by) our cities.

Photo by Gary Jungling on Flickr.

  • I fact checked something I said on the podcast. Los Angeles does, in fact, not have more than twice as many people as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina combined. Those three states actually account for approximately 9 million people, while the Los Angeles metropolitan area accounts for nearly 13 million people. Still significantly more, but not double.