Episode #10: Cincinnati Music Scene

On the tenth episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Rome Ntukogu of Far-I-Rome Productions joins the UrbanCincy team to discuss Cincinnati’s music scene.

We discuss the role of different venues in the local music scene, and why some local bands stick to playing in a particular neighborhood. Rome explains why many bands are taking a different approach to touring and selling merchandise, and we debate the positive and negative effects of social media on the live concert experience. We also question whether it’s important for local bands to have “Cincinnati pride” after they make it big, and discuss how mid-size cities can grow a music scene from the inside, without needing validation from larger cities. Finally, we discuss how more national acts are stopping in Cincinnati, the effects of music festivals like Midpoint, Bunbury, and The Heights, and the effects of opening more venues like The Emery.

Photo: A local band performs at The Mad Frog in Corryville.

  • mattsledge

    Listening to this right now. Sounding good!

  • Thank you Rome for calling out all the wannabe camera people sticking their phones up at concerts. Its the worst, especially when people have their flash on.

    • I usually feel a bit guilty taking a picture at a concert, whether I’m using my phone or a “real” camera. I just don’t want to be “that guy”. But I’m always a bit confused when I see someone holding up their phone for 5 minutes, taking shot after shot (all from the exact same angle?) of a band playing. Don’t you want to… watch the show?