Episode #7: Politicization of Transportation

On the seventh episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Angie Schmitt of Rust Wire and StreetsBlog joins the UrbanCincy team to discuss what happens when transportation investments become highly politicized. We discuss Representative Steve Chabot’s attempt to block federal funding for light rail and “fixed guideway” projects in Cincinnati; Governor John Kasich’s rejection of federal funding for the 3C Corridor high-speed rail project; and Hamilton County’s efforts to block sewer upgrades contemporaneous with the Cincinnati Streetcar project.

We also discuss the discrepancy in transportation funding between rural and urban areas. While new rural highway interchanges are funded throughout Ohio, urban highway projects such as I-75 through Cincinnati and the Brent Spence Bridge project are delayed for a lack of funding.

Photo of ODOT TRAC board members by Jake Mecklenborg for UrbanCincy.

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  • Mark Christol

    good episode – the tease are perfectly predictable if you look at their demographics. Their stated goals have always been a crock.

  • The whole premise of this podcast is pretty disturbing. The arrogance on display, demanding money, for projects the market will not bear and are selected by politicians heavily indebted to various interest groups is astounding. If you want to fix the transportation issues in urban areas, quit planning! Eliminate zoning laws, and remove the state’s involvement in the highway system. Thousands and thousands die a year on the roads, and somehow people consider this acceptable? Imagine a private industry, where thousands die, and the outcry that would occur. We need to stop accepting the premise that all of these aspects of our lives are the responsibility of other people.