Episode #3: New Media

On the third episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Travis and Randy are joined by Chris Cousins and Rich Northcutt of UrbanOhio and Walker Evans of Columbus Underground. We discuss how new media outlets have changed the conversation on urban issues, and what role traditional media should play as more people get news and communicate via independent websites, blogs, forums, and other social media outlets.

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  • hawsebt

    Very interesting to see how three of the best sites in Ohio started and continue to grow and develop. Great Job once again.

  • WalkerEvans

    Thanks for having me on for this. Was a lot of fun! ūüėÄ

  • Thanks!¬† It was a blast!

  • What was interesting for me was to learn how each of the sites had a different approach from the start, yet all seem to have a similar impact on conventional news media. It’s also really inspirational to see Columbus Underground doing so well with paid employees and all. Great stuff.

  • Mark Christol

    As your various online presences have grown & the cash has started pouring in, have any of you guys had issues with your employers?

  • It seems to me that Columbus Underground is different from the rest here. It is more akin to an online version of “Cincinnnati Magazine” or “Columbus Monthly” rather than a genuine alternative to established for-profit local news sources. This makes sense to me since Columbus’ conventional media has¬†always been rather thin on the ground and poorly patronized by Columbusers. I’ve met¬†Columbus¬†residents who¬†were not even aware Columbus has a daily newspaper until I told them. Columbus Underground is simply filling a gap in the conventional media rather providing an alternative to it. It gets relatively¬†few commentors and is dominated by stories about local service businesses. Informing Columbus residents about what services are available to them is a fine thing, but it is more ‘news you can use’¬†than ‘citizens informing themselves.’ It is the difference between consumers and citizens. Of course, we are all both, but it is a matter of which one dominates the other in our sense of our self.

    • WalkerEvans

      Hi Matt. It sounds like you’re primarily referring to the daily news side of CU, while overlooking the highly active messageboard/forum side of the site, which I do think fills that ‘citizens informing themselves’ role that you mentioned:¬†